Sesame Oil


The wood pressed oil is extracted by crushing and grinding the sesame seeds in the mortar and pestle made from wood. It is ensured that no heat is applied during the extraction process as that will be more harmful to everyone consuming the ingredient.

With so many benefits of wood pressed oil extracted from sesame seeds, it is a no-brainer to understand why the demand for the component has skyrocketed in recent times. For instance, sesame oil is the powerhouse of many important nutrients that will help boost the immune power and ensure your body can prevent infections with ease.

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Healthy bones :-
Sesame oil contains dietary proteins and amino acids which provide strength to the bones, besides it helps in the development of the baby’s bones. That’s why you should massage yourself and your baby with sesame oil.

Muscles are active :-
Calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium present in sesame oil help in keeping the muscles active.

Moisture is retained :-
Sesame oil is very beneficial for the skin. With its help, the skin gets the necessary nutrition and moisture is retained in it. Yes, Vitamin B and Vitamin E are found in sesame oil, which is very good for the skin. The glow of the skin is always maintained by the regular use of sesame oil.

Teeth strength :-
Sesame is also beneficial for teeth. Chewing sesame after brushing in the morning and evening strengthens the teeth, as well as it also supplies calcium. When there are blisters in the mouth, applying rock salt mixed with sesame oil, the blisters start to heal.

Remedy for cracked heels :-
To cure cracked heels, heat sesame oil, mix rock salt and wax in it and apply. By doing this the cracks get filled quickly. If the heels are torn, then apply this recipe of sesame oil. With this, your torn heels will start to heal.

Heal wounds :-
When the skin of any part of the body is burnt, applying ground sesame with ghee and camphor gives relief, and the wound also heals quickly. If you want to buy organic sesame oil for yourself sitting at home.

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